Position: Operations Manager
E-mail: gadonis@atlasparalegal.com
Phone: 561-509-1387

Experiences and Activities
Guerly Adonis is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Atlas Virtual Firm. Guerly has worked in the legal field for over 2 decades. As a practicing Attorney from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, she moved to Florida in 2004 and started working at the Palm Beach County Clerk’s Office in early 2005. After a career for over a decade, Guerly began to work as a Legal Assistant and Manager at a local law firm. Since 2013, Guerly and her partners have provided free-lance paralegal services to numerous clients. In 2017, Guerly and her team began to focus these efforts increasingly for law firms, therefore during the same year Atlas Virtual Paralegal was created. Guerly has an extensive work experience in a wide range of law including Immigration, Personal Injury, Family Law, Foreclosure, Criminal Law, Small Claims and Landlord/Tenant Evictions. Atlas Virtual Paralegal’s value propositions are centered on its ability to recruit bright, educated and trained professionals who can assist any small, mid-size, or large law firm. Those law firms will have the ability to hand the administrative tasks to senior-level paralegals while they work on the lawyering aspects of their cases.

Education and Background
Guerly holds a Law Degree from Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Economiques in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University. She is currently attending Law school. Guerly is a member of the American Bar Association, Palm Beach Bar Association, Haitian Lawyers Association, F. Malcom Cunningham Bar Association and Gwen S. Cherry Black Women Lawyers Association.